Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

The first I heard of this book was on BBC Radio 2 when Chris Evans DJ mentioned it and I just happened to be in between books so I reserved it at the library using my nifty library app on my phone. Ok so most people will know this is now a movie. I have not seen the movie yet. Anyway my main gripe about this book is that I caught a nano second of a trailer with Ben Afflek as Nick Dunne and unfortunately when I started reading the book  Mr Affleck was Nick Dunne. This was annoying because in the book he is supposed to be blonde!

That aside,. I really enjoyed the book. Its a cracking book is this. With so much insight into , dare I say it, the functioning of a relationship. So There are loads of plot twists in this book and I am not sure how much to say or not to say.

Ok so Nick and Amy are the perfect couple and she is the cool girl to his lazed back guy. She doesn’t like it that he doesn’t remember everything exactly as she wants it to be remembered. This part I could relate to because I remember when I started dating my husband thinking every moment was existential and he couldn’t even recall what I was wearing or where we had gone! Anyway things started to get ugly when Amy disappears and Nick being the husband is the prime suspect.  The format is alternating  segments of Nick’s tale and entries from Amy’s diary beginning seven years previous in 2005. There are twists and sudden developments that will have you leaping from your bed; the twists are good and well handled.

Flynn succeeds in painting the picture of the breakdown of a relationship. Its such a brilliant read because its not so far fetched. not sure I like the ending though!

Makes me want to read:

Heads Off (A Lisa Becker Mystery Book 1) by Falko Rademacher


Rated 7

There is no such thing as fact or fiction…

For blogging 101 we have to write a post based on the daily prompt

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

Well the first thing I thought is that I only ever read for fun! To me there is no fact or fiction (except for when I read Fifty Shades out of pure curiosity!)Weird but the only thing I found painstaking to read were some journal articles way back when I was doing my PhD. Other than that I do love reading <full stop>

I looked at my Amazon wishlist as well as my previous orders to get an idea of what sort of books I have been buying. It tends to be that I buy books on developing skills or knowledge base. My penchant for creating my own reference library is growing. There are a lot of gardening, preserving, sewing , knitting and crochet books at the moment on my bedside table. My library app was another source of insight into my reading and it turns out that I do get more fiction from the library (there was still quite a lot of skills books as well).

So I have come to this conclusion:

I prefer to buy skills books because I will dive into them for this that or the other while I do not invest in buying stories because I have such an appetite for reading that it is very unlikely I will read a book I have read twice………the only exception to the rule is for books that I believe my kids will benefit from reading but I know they would never ordinarily select said books themselves at a library…creating the need to have said books around so they can stumble/trip/come across them 😉