Stuart Little by E B White

A rather quick read over a week with my little boys. They liked it in bits. Definitely evocative of an olde worlde New York. A strange tale though with little empathy in it – case in point Stuart running away from home to find a bird (no wonder they left this bit out of the movie)

Rated 4

Billionaire Boy by David Walliams

I read this book with/for my 9 year old son. He absolutely loved the book and found it endearing. Every night he looked forward to bedtime so we could find out what happened next to Joe Spud – the billionaire boy. The illustrator is Tony Ross who also illustrates for Horrid Henry so the book suffers from a cense of feeling as though you are reading a horrid henry book when you are reading it…..which is probably a good thing for those little ones who love henry.


SO joe is filthy rich but unhappy because he has no friends. He decides to go to the local comp (incognito) to try and make friends. What ensues is a hilarious oftimes dark tales of how wealth can affect those around you. Strong moral character to the story that reminded me of Roald Dahl- only big difference being that Walliams , unlike Dahl, doesnt kill off the adults who are mean and undeserving of the children’s love.


Definitely must read for little ones if so inclined. There is mention of Page 3 stunner which might not necessarily meet approval of some people. I winced a bit at that myself but lucklily my son has no idea what it means.


Rated 6