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The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM)The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life by Hal Elrod

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

like most reviews here the book has a fair bit of marketing spiel but past that I really enjoyed it. I have been doing the core program for 1 month and am amazed at how much more productive I am. he presents a very compelling background story to how he got where he is. He is likeable. He also does a podcast you can listen to when you sign up for some of the free downloads. I have listened to a couple and they are actually quite good. Read this if you are in need of something prescriptive and actually works. Dont be put off by the marketing bits; there is real gold under that.

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The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple, effective way to banish clutter forever by Marie Kondo

In an attempt to follow KonMari method this is written to spark only joy!

My first Kindle book purchase! Written in a way that does inspire to pick and read again for what is quite a tedious subject. Though I cringed/ cried out loud/ when she wrote about tearing pages out of books to keep the best bits I persevered and read on.

Tidying in her sense means throwing everything but those that ‘spark joy‘ – a new paradigm for me certainly. How do you know what is ‘joyful’? You have to touch and fell everything when you are deciding. Instead of choosing things to throw out you choose things to keep. That was mind bending for me! The idea being that if you surround yourself with things you love you cant help but love handling them. You love your space and everything about it….sort of makes sense. She is ruthless but  in a good way.

I tried out this approach in my smallest of rooms ~(she does say not to tidy by room but by category of things) I used the bathroom because it was the only area of things I could immediately experiment with….Wont bore you with details but by the time I finished ‘tidying’ the bathroom I was a very happy bunny indeed. Its been 2 weeks and my bathroom is still in immaculate condition (a rare feat I can tell you).

One of the best bits of this book is how she really understands why people hang onto stuff and you will find ‘you’ in one of her typologies. I had a small fancy bottle of room spray that I had bought 8 years ago but I didn’t really like the fragrance. I think I only bought it because it matched a colour scheme I was going for at the time. It was quite extravagant for me as well. So I have been hanging on it  (now about half full) and each time I saw it as I washed my hands or brushed my teeth I would tell myself off for not using it more, remind myself that I just need to use  it and finish it. Feeling guilty that I wasnt using it. Anyway the point is I didnt realise how much headspace this was taking up until I got rid of it! Thanks to Konmarie these past 2 weeks have been guilty free teeth brushing and handwashing for me 😉

SO in my humble opinion this book is a worthwhile read. KonMari REALLY knows her stuff, is not apologetic and will definitely give you some ideas about how to do more with less.

Rated 7

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

The first I heard of this book was on BBC Radio 2 when Chris Evans DJ mentioned it and I just happened to be in between books so I reserved it at the library using my nifty library app on my phone. Ok so most people will know this is now a movie. I have not seen the movie yet. Anyway my main gripe about this book is that I caught a nano second of a trailer with Ben Afflek as Nick Dunne and unfortunately when I started reading the book  Mr Affleck was Nick Dunne. This was annoying because in the book he is supposed to be blonde!

That aside,. I really enjoyed the book. Its a cracking book is this. With so much insight into , dare I say it, the functioning of a relationship. So There are loads of plot twists in this book and I am not sure how much to say or not to say.

Ok so Nick and Amy are the perfect couple and she is the cool girl to his lazed back guy. She doesn’t like it that he doesn’t remember everything exactly as she wants it to be remembered. This part I could relate to because I remember when I started dating my husband thinking every moment was existential and he couldn’t even recall what I was wearing or where we had gone! Anyway things started to get ugly when Amy disappears and Nick being the husband is the prime suspect.  The format is alternating  segments of Nick’s tale and entries from Amy’s diary beginning seven years previous in 2005. There are twists and sudden developments that will have you leaping from your bed; the twists are good and well handled.

Flynn succeeds in painting the picture of the breakdown of a relationship. Its such a brilliant read because its not so far fetched. not sure I like the ending though!

Makes me want to read:

Heads Off (A Lisa Becker Mystery Book 1) by Falko Rademacher


Rated 7

The Collectors by David Baldacci

This is the second in The Camel Club series of books set in Washington DC. Again the book has an interesting plausible plot supported with funny quirky characters. We get to meet a new member to the Camel Club in the guise of con woman Annabelle Conroy. She is a strong confident ( no pun intended) woman and it is a refreshing character to get to know. There are no gratuitous sex plots to hinder one’s reading experience. The baddie could be badder but hey all things cant be perfect right. Forgeries, old biddy spies, rare books, cons, gambling, spies etc etc

In this one we also get to knoe the ragtag members of the Camel Club a bit better and Milton as always comes up tops.

Loved it and am sad it was the last in this series so I will have to find other DC set books to read…

Rated 7

Made me want to learn more about the rare book field.

The Adventures of Sally by P G Woodhouse

Picked on a whim without ever having read Woodhouse at all. This book was a long read but this was absolutely lovely.The story was set in 1920s America and England. The characters were well developed, I especially loved the hapless Lancelot ‘Ginger’ Kemp. Woodhouse excelled at giving insight (for me at least) into the mind of the upperclass Englishman via the loathful Bruce Carmyle. My only gripe is the seemingly hurried way in which he was dispatched. One would have thought that after having chased Sally all the way to America (again) that he would have at least tried harder to understand what happened.

It makes me want to read more Woodhouse stuff and I shall certainly do so.

Highly rated although the ending seemed rushed

Rated 7