There is no such thing as fact or fiction…

For blogging 101 we have to write a post based on the daily prompt

When reading for fun, do you usually choose fiction or non-fiction? Do you have an idea why you prefer one over the other?

Well the first thing I thought is that I only ever read for fun! To me there is no fact or fiction (except for when I read Fifty Shades out of pure curiosity!)Weird but the only thing I found painstaking to read were some journal articles way back when I was doing my PhD. Other than that I do love reading <full stop>

I looked at my Amazon wishlist as well as my previous orders to get an idea of what sort of books I have been buying. It tends to be that I buy books on developing skills or knowledge base. My penchant for creating my own reference library is growing. There are a lot of gardening, preserving, sewing , knitting and crochet books at the moment on my bedside table. My library app was another source of insight into my reading and it turns out that I do get more fiction from the library (there was still quite a lot of skills books as well).

So I have come to this conclusion:

I prefer to buy skills books because I will dive into them for this that or the other while I do not invest in buying stories because I have such an appetite for reading that it is very unlikely I will read a book I have read twice………the only exception to the rule is for books that I believe my kids will benefit from reading but I know they would never ordinarily select said books themselves at a library…creating the need to have said books around so they can stumble/trip/come across them 😉