The Minor Adjustment Beauty Salon. The No. 1 Ladies Detetective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Ma Ramotswe returns in this charming endearing book about a traditionally built woman detective in Botswana. It was evocative if a bit slow. It meanders through the key relationships between Mma Ramotswe and Ma Makutsi , who now has a baby.

I mildly enjoyed it but would have liked more pace. Loved Mma Makutsi’sbstoryline.

Rated 6.

Book Review: Stone Cold by David Baldacci

This is the first audiobook I have ‘read’. John Baldacci writes in a simple enjoyable way. The plots were not unlike any good spy novels from similar genres. Whilst I enjoyed it I felt the characters were lacking…kudos to the author though for at least having a strong female character in the form of Anabelle. A big plus for was the lack of emphasis on her physicality or attractiveness to the male. Shocking plot twist towards the end that i did not expect – so that picked up the pace of the book.

I shall definitely return to Baldacci (especially if Lee Child isnt available)

Star rating 7

How to be a Woman by Caitlin Moran

I just finished reading this tome by feisty Moran on feminism. My verdict? I love it😔 because
It is refreshingly chatty she makes you feel like you are just two women having a long chat.
Has a lot of common sense to it in that it deals with how to distinguish sexism in workplace which should be in every woman’s toolkit.
She does not hate men. This was important because I have sons 😉.
Covers issues like abortion, sex industry and fashion.
I could go on about this book but I would recommend it for all women and young girls. Will be adding this to my library once I return my copy to the library.
Why not get a copy from your local library and try it.