Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz

Having been inspired by seeing a trailer based on this title I decided to find a copy at my library and read it. This book is not the first in the Odd Thomas series ( I did not realise when I got it) but it was still quite interesting as a a stand alone read. It follow a one day format where by Odd leaves his home in the morning and returns 24 hours later after an epic supernatural adventure. There a re many mysteries (unresolved) like just WHO is Mrs Fischer? What does it mean to be blue and smooth? A lot of questions I wanted answered and continued reading through the tedious descriptions of desolate industrial landscapes in the definite hope that they would be answered. Mr Koonts , however, had other ideas…..not to satisfy my desire for answers.

My overall view is that this sort of book appeals to major fans of the genre.  I didnt find it scary at all though. I would like to read the first book in the series because I think that one will be the really good one. Read this book if you really really like Mr Koontz.


Rated 5

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